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Jul62017 E-commerce Box Handling Systems Installed

Amber Industries have undertaken a number of Floor Conveyor systems designed to handle e-commerce boxed items off all weights and sizes. Belt conveyors can be supplied as units or as part of a complement amber automation system with full controls and management systems.

E-commerce Box Handling Systems Installed

  • Conveyor Widths: 300mm up to 1200mm
  • Straight Conveyor Lengths: Up to 20m on a single drive
  • Powered s/Curves: Bespoke or standard, angle and radius to suit
  • Options: Central drive unit, motorised powered roller, horizontal, inclined, declined, smooth or gripped belt, side guides, castors
  • Finish: Powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel

Jun222017Amberautomation lineshaft and zero line pressure conveyor products / systems

The amberautomation division of Amber Industries Ltd specialises in floor conveyor systems, configured precisely to match the clients requirements.

Line shaft roller conveyors often make up the main part of many automated floor conveyor systems. They consist of a series of rollers over which objects are moved and they can be designed and manufactured for a great many applications at relatively low cost.

Lineshaft roller conveyors are ideal for transporting light to medium products that are regular in shape and size, fairly rigid with an even underside eg. boxes, cartons, totes, platens etc.

May22017Introducing Live Chat For Extra Communication

As part of our updated customer services team developments, we have introduced a live chat system to our UK based website. This is allowing our website visitors to have an additional direct communication method with instant responses during normal office hours. We are also trialling this in our German and Italian websites with a view to ensure that we can answer all questions and enquiries in an optimum manner.

Introducing Live Chat For Extra Communication

Our online live chat technology is an online customer service software with live support, help desk, sales and technical support. We have already seen a large take up as a first port of call direct to our team of Conveyor Systems specialists. We welcome you to use this form of communication when on our websites. Do you have any questions? If so please contact us using our live chat system.

Apr32017Introducing Intralogistics Belt Curves - The TS-TR100

Gramac Quartz Belt Curves: designed to smoothly change the travel direction of products within high speed handling systems. Gramac Quartz is the division of Amber Industries Ltd which has specialised for over 30 years in the manufacture of Belt Curves for many different applications and combinations of load duty, arc and width formats. Its TS-TR100 range of belt curves have been purposely designed for incorporation into the most demanding a handling environments.

Introducing Intralogistics Belt  Curves - The TS-TR100

Gramac Quartz Belt Curves have a proven track record of longevity and reliable operation in handling systems around the globe. When operating under normal conditions and properly maintained a lifespan in excess of 15 years can be anticipated. All Gramac Quartz Belt Curves use the ‘Friction Drive’ method whereby friction between the belt and a drive pulley provides the motive force for the belt. This method has three clear advantages over the positive mechanical drive method.

Mar222017Amber Industries - Surface World

Mar142017MCM Overhead Conveyors Modular Designs

The MCM Conveyors division of Amber Industries Ltd developed and manufactures its own comprehensive and high quality range of light, medium and heavy duty overhead conveyor systems.

The modular design of these systems, combined with a range of standard accessories such as a selection of different radii horizontal and vertical curves, spinners, indexers, automatic load - unload units etc., enables them to be easily configured to suit the most complex routing and layout requirements of any manufacturing and assembly processes. Installation is quick and easy and the modular design also allows later extensions and system rearrangements to be undertaken.

A range of monorail overhead conveyors suitable for handling a wide variety of products from diverse industry sectors. They come in two types: 'enclosed chain' for light (up to 30Kg) loads to medium (up to 100Kg) loads where the powered chain runs in a pressed steel enclosed track section and ‘open chain’ for heavier (up to 500Kg) loads where the chain is slung under a rolled steel I-section using trolleys.

All enclosed chain overhead conveyors comprise a bi-planar chain powered by a drive unit and running in all enclosed track , the cross section of which can be either rectangular or a cruciform depending on the carrying capacity of the conveyor. Attached to the chain at regular intervals are pendants which protrude from a central slot in the underside of the track section and from which the product can be suspended.

Powertrack30/60/100 conveyor systems have carrying capacities of 30Kg to 100Kg per pendant respectively. The minimum pendant pitch varies for the different conveyors in the range. Increased product loadings can be accommodated by the use of a loadbar connecting two pendants to share the product load between them.

The open chain powertrack90/200/500 utilise a heavy-duty I-beam track section from which a drop forged chain is under slung by means of trolleys with their wheels running on the track section’s lower flange. The product load is also carried by these trolleys.

Open chain Powertrack conveyor systems have carrying capacities per 2 wheel trolley of 90Kg, 200Kg and 545Kg respectively. Increased product loads in excess of 4000Kg can be accommodated with the use of load-bars to spread the load between several trolleys. These conveyor systems are also suitable for high temperature environments up to 250 degree Centigrade.

Feb72017New Amber Industries Website Launched In German

Amber Industries are pleased to announce the launch of an German language website specifically aimed at the largest economy in Europe after the UK. You will find our new website on The new site has extensive content including full product range details technical resources, a dedicated maintenance section including products, conveyor options and our research and development activities.

New Amber Industries Website Launched In German

The objective of the new site is to provide key information in a user friendly format, on all our products, along with all technical data, news, accreditations and careers in one place. We hope to provide all the essential project planning tools for potential and existing specifiers and customers. We would like to hear your thoughts on the new site along with any other features you feel would be beneficial.

Jan112017Amber Industries To Exhibit At Surface World 22nd & 23rd March 2017 Birmingham NEC

Amber Industries will be exhibiting at Surface World 2017 from March 22nd to 23rd at the NEC in Birmingham, Hall number 7, Booth number G1. The exhibition is the UK’s only international event dedicated to the surface treatment, product finishing and coatings industry. It provides a major showcase for the very latest technology and developments in this important and expanding area.

Amber Industries To Exhibit At Surface World

Surface World Live 2017 will be opening its doors on Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March 2017. The exhibition is the UK’s only event dedicated to the surface treatment, product finishing and coatings industry. It provides a major showcase for the very latest technology and developments in this important and expanding area.

The show has moved from the Pavilion into Hall 7 within the Atrium at the NEC. This new hall has better facilities available to visitors and exhibitors to the show. The move has also made room for the expansion of the show. Surface World Live 2017 will be bigger and better than ever before, with many new and existing exhibitors including many top names in the surface finishing industry offering a wealth of experience on hand to provide solutions to your finishing queries all under one roof.

Click on the 'Register To Visit Surface World Show' image above to register online.

Dec152016Season’s Greetings From Amber Industries

We would like to take this opportunity to say a thank you to all of our staff, stakeholders, suppliers, partners and customers for your support during 2016. We are looking forward to 2017 and working with all of you next year. Season’s greetings from all of us and we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Season’s Greetings From Amber Industries

Opening Hours during the holiday period

23 December 2016 08:30 - 14:00

24 December 2016 to 02 January 2017 - Closed

03 January 2017 onward's 08:30 - 17:00

We have had an excellent year over the last 12 months and are pleased to be moving into the next year with a full order book. We have significant expansion plans for 2017 and more news will be made available in this area over the first months of the year. We look forward to working with you on your conveyor projects both in the UK and abroad in our export markets.

Nov142016Who Are......Amber Industries

Who Are......Amber Industries

UK Conveyor designers, manufacturers, installers, controls, service and spares - Providing products, systems and solutions to many industries throughout the UK and worldwide.

MCM Conveyors - Overhead Conveyor Systems Amber Automation - Floor Conveyor Systems Gramac Quartz - Belt Curve Conveyors Amber Conveyors - Conveyor Modules Amber Service - Services & Spares

Amber Industries is a primary UK designer, manufacturer and supplier of conveyor equipment and systems with over 40 year's experience in the automated mechanical handling and conveyor industry.

To many of our clients the safe, timely and cost effective movement of goods through their facilities is critical to their businesses. Amber Industries Ltd’s mission is to enhance the efficiency of our client’s operations through the provision of innovative and expertly tailored conveyor solutions at a competitive price.

Jul 19 2016MCM Overhead Conveyor Systems for Abattoirs

In the first half of this year MCM Conveyor Systems has experienced a high demand from the abattoir and meat processing industry for its overhead chain conveyor systems. MCM Conveyor Systems, a division of Amber Industries ltd, has a long track record and established reputation for manufacturing and supplying very reliable yet low maintenance overhead conveyor systems to abattoirs, either directly or via the abattoir equipment trade.

The operating environment in abattoirs is harsh. Equipment is regularly subjected to low temperatures, high pressure washing and corrosive attack from animal waste and strong chemical cleaning agents. The engineers at MCM Conveyor Systems design and build their abattoir overhead conveyor systems to deal with these extreme conditions. All components, including the track, chain, drive units, lubricators, wiring and control devices are specially designed and selected to ensure the whole conveyor system operates reliably throughout a long lifespan. MCM’s overhead conveyor systems can be supplied with the following features and options:

  • Manual or fully automated
  • Bi-directional track with tight radius curves to minimise ’system footprint’ where processing lines are constrained by limited available floor space
  • Track in either stainless steel or dipped galvanized mild steel
  • Product can either be hung directly from the overhead conveyor or alternatively from separate rails in turn pushed by the conveyor
  • A selection of chain bearing types depending on specific conditions and budgets, i.e.
    i)Fully sealed ‘food’safe’ greased for life bearings,
    ii) Full complement bearings
    iii) Stainless steel balls
    iv) Yellow zinc passivated sintered iron cage

Our in-house teams of mechanical and electrical design engineers give MCM the capability to deliver bespoke conveyor systems to precisely meet individual customer requirements.

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