Multi-million Pound Overhead Conveyor System Nearing Completion

7th November 2019

Amber Industries are nearing completion of an "AT100 power and free overhead conveyor system", which is part of a multi-million euro expansion program by a key international automotive components supplier. The success of a Power & Free conveyor system lies in it’s flexibility of operation, allowing the flow of product to be controlled with the correct sequencing taking place to suit a customers individual and specific requirements and working environment.

Unlike conventional continuous running chain conveyors, where product loads are attached directly to the conveyor chain via jigs/attachments etc. a Power & Free system utilises a series of free running trolley assemblies, which may be connected together with the use of a flight bar, to carry the load. The trolley assemblies are routed in a twin channel section and driven around the system dependant upon the application by a single or multiple conveyor chains, which are mounted above the twin track/trolley track section. By utilising a trolley assembly to carry a product load, total flexibility, due to the unrestricted movement of the trolley assembly throughout the system can be achieved.