Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors & Industrial Applications

2nd April 2021

It is a common misconception that plastic is a poor choice for high temperature and impact applications, with fear of it melting or fracturing. Our Plastic Modular Belt conveyors, Utilise Specifically manufactured Plastics to offer outstanding performance for almost every application. Find out more at

  • High Temperature Up to 200°C
  • Cold Temperature as low as - 40°C
  • High Tensile strengths - Enough to pull a car
  • Specifically manufactured Hinges to withstand impact
Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors & Industrial Applications

The moving belts of each of these categories of conveyor have properties and features which make them suitable for particular applications. Whatever the particular application Amber Automation has a great deal of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing ‘built for purpose’ conveyor systems using these specialist belt types.