In the Spotlight - MCM Powertrack PT30 Overhead Conveyor Systems

7th June 2021

Great video showing the Powertrack 30 in action conveying a well known brand of clothing. Click the link here to see one of our Powertrack overhead conveyors in operation.

The overhead conveyors - PT20, PT30, PT60, PT100 & PT100 ‘S’ all comprise a bi-planar chain powered by a drive unit and running in a steel enclosed track , the cross section of which can be either rectangular or a cruciform depending on the carrying capacity of the conveyor. Attached to the chain at regular intervals are pendants which protrude from a central slot in the underside of the track section and from which the product can be suspended.

The PT20, PT30, PT60, PT100 & PT100 ‘S’ Powertrack conveyor systems have carrying capacities of 20Kg to 100Kg per pendant respectively. The minimum pendant pitch varies for the different conveyors in the range. Increased product loadings can be accommodated by the use of a load bar connecting two pendants to share the product load between them.