Mesh Belt Conveyors in the Spotlight

2nd April 2019

We have recently designed, manufactured and installed a high temperature mesh belt floor conveyor into a modern manufacturing facility. This type of floor conveyor is ideal for usage in drying ovens and tunnel ovens where this is a curing, annealing, hardening, sintering & brazing application where consistent speed and controlled environment temperatures are required.

Mesh Belt Conveyors In The Spotlight

We can also provide mesh conveyors in various commercial or stainless steel grades galvanised all being high temperature resistant if required. Mesh conveyors can also be utilised for lightweight goods such as food/foodstuffs production lines operating at various temperatures covering both cold, warm and hot environments. Mesh conveyors are not suitable for carrying heavy, sharp angled, loose sands or abrasive materials/products and we have alternative conveyor product options for these applications.