MCM Overhead Chain Conveyors - Operating Principles

The principle of overhead chain conveyors is that they utilise a continuous powered chain running in a track. Fitted to the chain at regular intervals are pendants from which the products to be carried are suspended either directly or by means of load-bars or purpose made carriers. Instead of pendants, 'dogs' may be fitted to the chain in order to push trolleys along a second track normally mounted underneath the chain track. The products to be conveyed are in turn suspended from the trolleys. This type of overhead conveyor system is termed 'Power & Free'.

The modular design of these systems, combined with a range of standard accessories such as a selection of different radii horizontal and vertical bends, spinners, indexers, automatic load-unload units etc., enables them to be easily configured to suit the most complex layout requirements of any manufacturing and assembly process. Installation is quick and easy and the modular design also allows later extensions and system rearrangements to be undertaken.

MCM Overhead Chain Conveyors - Operating Principles

MCM Autotrack Power & Free - Operating Principle

Unlike conventional monorail chain conveyors where the product loads are attached via pendants directly to the powered bi-planar chain running within a single track, the operating principle of a Power & Free conveyor system is that it utilises a number of trolley assemblies free running in a second track formed from twin channel sections. These wheeled trolley assembles, which carry the product load, are driven around their track by a single or multiple bi-planar powered conveyor chains fitted with ‘pusher dogs’ running in their own enclosed tracks.

The chain tracks are mounted above the trolley track and joined to it by means of track clamps/flanges. It is this design concept of a separate power chain track and a free trolley track that affords the MCM Autotrack range of conveyors their great versatility enabling them to be tailored to the demands of virtually all manufacturing environments. The generic term ‘Power & Free’ also derives from the two track concept.

MCM Autotrack  Power & Free - Operating Principle