The ability to adapt to continuous change is a prerequisite for success in today’s business environment. It requires a broadening of perspectives and outlook, and an innovative approach to the way we do business. Above all, it demands the most careful nurturing of our single most important resource – our people. Only through a commitment to developing people, can organisations themselves prosper and develop. Our real competitive advantage is in the minds and hearts of our people.


It is our vision to be the customer’s preferred partner, to grow and achieve together for the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders.


Our mission is to be the leading provider of conveyor equipment and systems within our targeted niche markets and to provide our customers with innovative and best value solutions to their conveying challenges, thus giving them a competitive edge.

Guiding Principles

Amber Industries Ltd. will accomplish its mission through these guiding principles:

Customers: We will conduct our relationships with our customers in a professional and polite manner while striving to meet or exceed their expectations. We must provide better products and services than our competition.

Employees: We believe in a teamwork culture that provides development opportunities and enables employees to reach their full potential. In our daily contacts we must strive to treat each other with sensitivity and respect for feelings and self esteem.

Products: Our desire is to provide products and services that meet or exceed technical, operational and commercial requirements. To this end we shall actively pursue constant improvement.

Service: We are available, capable, persistent and determined and will provide un-compromised customer service.

Quality: Planning, Control and Improvement are the cornerstones of quality. We will always strive to attain or exceed the standards of the customer.

Suppliers: We regard suppliers are our partners in business and believe in working constructively with them towards mutual prosperity.