Powertrack Enclosed Chain Conveyor Systems

This range of conveyor systems incorporates the PT30, PT60, PT100 & PT100S. These systems are comprised of a bi-planar chain powered by a drive unit and running in an enclosed steel track which can either be rectangular in cross section or a cruciform shape where a higher load carrying capacity is required. Attached to the chain at regular pitches are pendants which protrude through a slot in the underside of the track and to which the product can be suspended.

Carrying capacities per pendant of 30Kg to 100Kg apply to the Powertrack PT range of conveyor systems although higher load can be accommodated by the use of loadbars connecting two or more pendants together thereby sharing the load between them.

The enclosed chain Powertrack range of conveyor systems will readily operate in temperatures up to 250 degrees Centigrade making them ideal for use where heat is applied to a product. They utilise the latest ‘shot type’ lubricators to dispense high temperature oi to ensure reliable operation is maintained in such arduous conditions.

The modular design of the Powertrack range of conveyor systems, which includes tight radii vertical and horizontal track bends, combined with bolted support and clamp assemblies gives these systems a high degree of layout flexibility and makes them easy and quick to install.

Modifications and extensions to existing conveyor systems can be made with minimum disruption and downtime.

Enclosed Powertrack
Enclosed Powertrack
Enclosed Powertrack

Technical Data

Powertrack 'Enclosed Chain' Overhead Conveyors

Conveyor Model Pitch Load Capacity Data Sheets
Powertrack 30 229mm (9") 30Kg per pendant Download
Powertrack 60 229mm (9") 60Kg per pendant Download
Powertrack 100 406mm (16") 100Kg per pendant Download
Powertrack 100S* 406mm (16") 100Kg per pendant Download

* Higher chain pull characteristics.

Powertrack 'Enclosed Chain' Overhead Conveyors