Mobile Gravity & Lineshaft Conveyor Modules

These conveyor modules are mounted on a rigid steel frame fitted with braked castor wheels thereby enabling them to be moved and configured in different layouts to suit varying requirements. Each Lineshaft unit is equipped with its own small 'connect and power' drive unit allowing it to be easily hooked up to the adjacent units.

  • Conveyor Widths: 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm
  • Roller Pitches: 62.5mm, 83mm, 125mm & 167mm
  • Straight Conveyor lengths: 2000mm 2500mm & 3000mm
  • Tapered Roller s: Inside rad = 1m, Angles = 30°, 45°, & 90°
  • Mitre Units and Ball Transfer Table Units Accessories, e.g. end stops, side guides
Mobile Gravity & Lineshaft Conveyor Modules