MCM Sidetrack - Monorail Conveyor Systems

MCM Sidetrack

MCM Sidetrack Prevents Contamination

The MCM Sidetrack monorail overhead chain conveyor systems are designed to eliminate any contamination of the conveyed product by droplets of lubrication or minute particles falling from the conveyor system itself. This makes the conveyors: ST30, ST60 and ST100 the ideal solution for handling products in clean environments such as through lacquer and paint finishing processes or for handling food and garments etc.

The MCM Sidetrack conveyors utilise ‘C’ shaped hanging pendants which are attached to the powered conveyor chain through a slot in the side of the conveyor track, rather than the bottom of the track as with conventional type overhead chain conveyors. In this way the track acts as a shield to prevent any particles of debris from the moving conveyor chain dropping onto the transported product.

MCM Sidetrack Range

MCM Sidetrack for Finishing Plants

The ST30, ST60 & ST100 Sidetrack systems have carrying capacities per pendant of 30Kg, 60Kg and 75Kg respectively. The minimum pendant pitch varies for the different conveyors in the range. As with the Powertrack range these conveyors are designed to operate in temperatures of up to 250 degrees Centigrade and use the latest shot type lubricators to dispense high temperature oil (available from Amber Service) to ensure reliable operation is maintained in such arduous conditions. This makes them ideal for use in paint and powder finishing plants.

Various attachments designed to fit directly onto the chain pendants are available which enable the MCM Sidetrack range of conveyor systems to be adapted to most industrial applications. These include spinner units for the rotation of products and serrated load-bars with S-hooks to allow the creation of a continuous flight-bar.

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