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MCM Dualtrack

MCM Dualtrack

MCM Dualtrack is a range of specialised inverted conveyor systems purposefully designed to operate in the inverted mode whilst providing a high degree of stability and precise positioning of the product load. Due to the chain track being below the product load the Dualtrack conveyor range offers the additional benefit of being clean in its operation, i.e. the risk of contamination of the product load from minute particles and lubrication droplets falling from the chain is eliminated as a cause of product rejection and rework.

MCM Dualtrack Range

MCM Dualtrack Stability

The MCM Dualtrack range of conveyors, DT30, DT100 & IAT100 P&F are comprised of a powered bi-planar chain in an enclosed track with a secondary stabilising rail forming another track, hence ‘dual’ tracks. The spindles or trolleys that carry the product load are mounted above the chain track and are connected to the chain at the desired pitch of the product load. ‘Outrigger’ type stabilising arms are fitted to the spindles or trolleys to connect to the stabilising track thereby restricting lateral movement and thus providing a very stable carrying platform onto which the product load is fixed.

Dualtrack conveyors have carrying capacities up to 100Kg per spindle or trolley and are capable of operating in temperatures of up to 250 degrees Centigrade. In conjunction with precise positioning of the product load this makes them excellent for handling products requiring a high quality finish, e.g. small plastic components for the automotive and electronic goods industries, car bumper plants, alloy wheels and the telecommunications and mobile phone industries.

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MCM IAT100 Power & Free

A power & free Dualtrack version, the IAT100, is available in which the top running rails are replaced with an enclosed guide track in which the trolleys run. A powered bi-planar chain fitted with pusher dogs runs in a separate chain track in much the same way that the Autotrack power and free overhead conveyors operate. See MCM Autotrack.