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MCM Autotrack

MCM Autotrack

The MCM Autotrack range of power & free overhead chain conveyor systems are suitable for handling light, medium and heavy products in many different formats. The quality of their design and manufacture and their durability has been proven numerous times in many demanding industrial applications. Their reliability over many years of continuous operation is unsurpassed making them a valuable long term asset in our client’s production facilities.

MCM Autotrack Range

MCM Autotrack Flexibility

The MCM Autotrack range of power & free conveyors (AT50, AT100, AT500M and AT600) are specifically designed with the flexibility to allow product loads to be directed along different routes within an overall conveyor system.

This means that each specific product type can be identified (electronically or with mechanical flags) and automatically routed to specific destinations, e.g. process plant lines, assembly lines, storage zones, inspection and unload stations etc., in any desired sequence.

Product loads can be stopped at almost any position within a power & free conveyor system to allow various manufacturing operations to be performed. Product loads can also be stored within a buffer storage area enabling production imbalances and the impact of shift changes to be smoothed out. Speed changes through designated zones of a system can be incorporated to match the requirements of particular in-line processes. Powered ‘Drop sections’ can be built into a power & free conveyor system to raise or lower product loads to facilitate certain operations or loading and unloading of larger products.

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MCM Autotrack Range AT600

MCM Autotrack Operating Principle

Unlike conventional monorail chain conveyors where the product loads are attached via pendants directly to the powered bi-planar chain running within a single track, the operating principle of a Power & Free conveyor system is that it utilises a number of trolley assemblies free running in a second track formed from twin channel sections.

These wheeled trolley assembles, which carry the product load, are driven around their track by a single or multiple bi-planar powered conveyor chains fitted with‘pusher dogs’ running in their own enclosed tracks.

The chain tracks are mounted above the trolley track and joined to it by means of track clamps/flanges. It is this design concept of a separate power chain track and a free trolley track that affords the MCM Autotrack range of conveyors their great versatility enabling them to be tailored to the demands of virtually all manufacturing environments. The generic term; ‘Power & Free’ also derives from the two track concept.

Also available from MCM Conveyor Systems is an inverted version of a power & free conveyor system, the Dualtrack IAT100, which is particularly useful for ‘clean’ operations. Click here to read more about the Dualtrack range.

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MCM Autotrack Control Systems

MCM Autotrack Control Systems

Crucial to the efficient functioning of an MCM Autotrack power & free conveyor is its control system. This is made up of input and output devices regulated by software installed on latest generation PLCs and HMIs. As well as achieving a high degree of automation and process control, other features such as product tracking, operator menus, system diagnostics, maintenance alarms and remote monitoring can be incorporated. The ability of modern PLC based control systems to communicate with each other means that a conveyor system can be integrated into larger automated process plants if required, e.g. an fully automated paint plant.