Amber Automation – Integrated Control Systems

Control systems can range from small stop/start boxes up to multiple control panels incorporating state-of-the-art PLC’s and HMI’s networking numerous input/output devices, e.g. photocells, sensors, RFID, bar code scanners etc. PLC brands often used by Amber Automation include Siemens, Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi & Omron.

Integrated Controls

PLC (programmable logic controller) control systems are compact digital computers which provide a high degree of machinery control. This enables the materials handling / conveying processes to be fully automated making them more flexible, predictable and efficient with resultant gains in productivity and ROI for the end user.

Modern PLC control systems are very often designed with one or more HMI’s built into them. HMI’s are devices that incorporate a visible screen and which interface between the PLC and the operator by giving a graphical representation of the operation and allowing operator interrogation and fault diagnosis. They can also be used to provide management data e.g. error logging, throughput, product traceability, maintenance activity, system downtime etc.

Amber Automation’s skilled software and control systems engineers have the experience and knowledge to design and implement a bespoke control system to suit any size and complexity of automated material handling / conveying system.