Conveyor Systems

Amber Industries Ltd takes pride in its ability and flexibility to tailor the right conveyor system packages of products and services to suit its customers many and varied mechanical handling and conveyor system requirements. Our in-house teams of specialist engineers have the capability to deliver the complete range of conveyor systems from concept development and system design through to commissioning and operator training (Turnkey) followed by lifetime maintenance and support.

Schedule Of Conveyor System Services

Concept Development:

Recognising that conveyor systems are critical to the operations of many businesses and directly impacting on their profitability we aim to work closely with our client’s in order to gain a full understanding of their materials handling challenges and the constraints (physical and financial) affecting them. We then bring to bear the expertise of our multi-discipline teams of engineers to develop one or more innovative conceptual solutions based on the use of our own equipment in combination with other suppliers products if necessary. As part of this process we can:

  • Prepare initial schematics, layout drawings, flow diagrams and capacity calculations
  • Present budget costs and 'return on investment' indications
  • Advise on 'future proofing' systems, i.e. making current provision for future expansion
Conceptual Solution Development

Detailed Quotation:

Once the preferred conceptual solution has been agreed we prepare a detailed quotation describing in detail what it is that we will provide and at what price. This document will usually forms the basis of a contract between Amber Industries Ltd. and our client and may include some or all of the following:

  • A schedule of the final design and operating parameters and an outline description of operation of the conveyor system
  • A detailed schedule of the equipment specific to the project along with comprehensive specifications for all the mechanical and electrical components
  • Preliminary layout drawings and often for larger projects a 3D CAD model of the conveyor system enabling it to be visualised
  • A list of services to be provided for the specific project, e.g. whether it is equipment supply only or a 'turnkey project' encompassing automated conveyor system engineering , manufacture, installation, commissioning, operator training, documentation, CE marking etc
  • The primary terms and conditions of supply including price, payment terms, expected delivery lead time, warranty period and conditions and recommendations for critical spares holding and maintenance provision
Detailed Conveyor System Quotation

Conveyor System Engineering & Project Management:

Upon receipt of the client’s order to proceed one of our experienced project engineers is assigned to implement the project. Taking the role of dedicated project manager as well as lead engineer they provide a clear line of communication between the client’s organisation and our own, and are responsible for coordinating all those activities required to fulfil the order to a high standard, e.g

  • Carrying out a site survey to check building dimensions, supports etc
  • Preparing a detailed project programme highlighting critical activities and dates including those that the client needs to achieve
  • Drafting a Functional Design Specification (FDS) defining how the conveyor system will operate. Once agreed with the client this document will be the foundation for our in-house electrical / controls engineers to design the control system architecture and PLC software
  • Presenting detailed layout drawings, equipment specifications and 3D CAD models as necessary for client approval
  • Once the layout is finalised and signed off, our in-house engineers undertake detailed conveyor equipment engineering and system configuration and then issue equipment lists, bills of materials and drawings to our production team for manufacture
  • Procuring any 'bought out' equipment required for the project
  • Liaising and exchanging information with other suppliers and contractors engaged in the project and attending progress and technical coordination meetings as required
  • Briefing the installation and commissioning teams
Conveyor System Engineering & Project Management

UK Conveyor Manufacture:

Our own 20,000 sq ft well resourced manufacturing facility gives us the 'manufacturer's advantage'. It enables Amber Industries Ltd. to deliver industry leading conveyor equipment, both standard and bespoke, to the highest quality standards at very competitive prices and within short lead times

Conveyor System Installation & Commissioning:

We are able to provide the full range of installation and commissioning services with our own mechanical and electrical site teams, supplemented when necessary by a select corps of tried and tested specialist subcontractors. The dedicated project engineer/manager ensures that every aspect of delivery, installation and commissioning is scheduled and coordinated to ensure the conveyor system is completed and ready for hand over to the client at the pre-agreed time. In conjunction with the site supervisor they will:

  • Arrange for delivery of the conveyor equipment in a logical sequence
  • Brief the site teams so that they have all the information they need to do the job
  • Rigorously enforce H & S standards and procedures and ensure compliance with CDM regulations
  • In conjunction with the client take reasonable measures to prevent access to site by unauthorised personnel
  • Check that each item of equipment is correctly installed and set up properly to ensure correct operation
  • Commission the complete conveyor system by setting up, adjusting, checking and testing all elements of it against the performance criteria defined by the specification, e.g. speed, throughput, product sorting etc
  • Do diagnostic checks and rectify faults as part of the commissioning process which is only complete when the whole conveyor system performs precisely as designed
Conveyor System Installation & Commissioning

Conveyor System Handover & After Sales Support

Once the conveyor system is demonstrably operating correctly the commissioning phase transforms into the process of handing over the conveyor system to the client’s staff. It is crucial for both initial and ongoing ‘trouble–free’ operation that this process is well planned and that all concerned are fully engaged. The process consists of:

  • Operator and maintenance technician training
  • Client management training in the implementation of in-house maintenance programmes (if the client is maintaining their own system)
  • Preparation and submission of comprehensive project documentation including operating instructions, maintenance instructions and schedules, safety procedures and precautions, as-built drawings, wiring diagrams, software listings, CE marking certificates, fully itemised spare parts lists, recommended critical spares to be held on site, and key contact details
Conveyor System Handover & After Sales Support

A conveyor system's useful operating life is to a large extent dependent on how well it is maintained. Amber Industries Ltd. offers an extensive range of after sales support services to assist out client's to get the best out of their conveyor systems.

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Convey System Product Divisions

Conveyor system product divisions within the company include MCM Conveyors, Amber Automation, Gramac Quartz, Amber Conveyors & Amber Service. Each of these divisions specialises in specific mechanical handling solutions, utilising its own technology & dedicated portfolio of products.

MCM Conveyors - Conveyor Systems

MCM Conveyors

Supplies a comprehensive range of light, medium and heavy duty overhead conveyor systems: monorail powered chain, sidetrack, power and free (autotrack) and free track hand push systems. Inverted chain conveyor systems.

Amber Automation - Conveyor Systems

Amber Automation

Supplies a range of automated floor conveyor systems used to transport many sorts of unit loads including individual products, totes, plattens, cartons, pallets etc around factories and warehouses. Types of conveyors used to provide tailored materials handling solutions are: horizontal and inclined belt, elevators and lowerators, belt curves and spirals, plastic modular belt conveyors, roller conveyors including gravity and powered roller, lineshaft, motorised roller (ZLP zero line pressure), pallet, heavy duty roller and chain conveyors for handling heavy loads.

Gramac Quartz - Conveyor Systems

Gramac Quartz

Supplies a range of powered belt curves /curve conveyors, spirals and belt merges for use in warehouses, parcel distribution hubs, airport baggage handling systems and many industrial and manufacturing applications e.g. packaging machinery OEMs, laundries, compost and building materials producers; anywhere requiring a high speed change in conveying direction

Amber Conveyors - Conveyor Systems

Amber Conveyors

Supplies individual conveyor modules: mobile lineshaft units, expandable and flexible roller or skatewheel units, ball tables, drum driven and geared motor driven belt conveyors, wire mesh belt conveyors for high temperature environments, gravity roller or skatewheel spiral towers, multi-tier conveyors, heavy duty belt conveyors and inclined mezzanine conveyors.

Amber Service - Conveyor Systems

Amber Service

Supplies spare parts, installation and commissioning, routine and planned maintenance, break-down response, repairs, condition surveys, refurbishing and system modifications, control system upgrades.