TS-TR150 Airport Belt Curves

Gramac Quartz Belt Curves: designed to smoothly change the travel direction of passenger baggage within high speed airport baggage handling systems.

Gramac Quartz is the division of Amber Industries Ltd which has specialised for over 30 years in the manufacture of Belt Curves for many different applications and combinations of load duty, arc and width formats. Its TS-TR150 range of belt curves have been purposely designed for incorporation into the most demanding airport baggage handling environments.

TS-TR150 Airport Belt Curves

Proven Track Record

Gramac Quartz Belt Curves have a proven track record of longevity and reliable operation in airport baggage handling systems around the globe. When operating under normal conditions and properly maintained a lifespan in excess of 15 years can be anticipated.

Please download the TS-TR150 Data Sheet to view as a PDF.


TS-TR150 Belt Formats

(Designed for integration into high speed airport baggage handling systems)

Outer Belt Rad (mm) Belt Width (mm) Inner Belt Rad (mm) Nominal C/L Rad (mm) (A) = Subtended Angles (degrees) Model Designation
30° 45° 60° 90° 180°
1915 1030 885 1400 X X X X X TS-TR150/1915/1030/(A)
1985 1030 955 1470 X X X X X TS-TR150/1985/1030/(A)
2065 1030 1035 1550 X X X X X TS-TR150/2065/1030/(A)
2185 1230 955 1570 X X X X X TS-TR150/2185/1230/(A)
2265 1230 1035 1650 X X X X X TS-TR150/2265/1230/(A)
2215 1030 1185 1700 X TS-TR150/2215/1030/45

TS-TR150 Spiral Belt Formats

(Designed for integration into high speed airport baggage handling systems)

Outer Belt Rad (mm) Belt Width (mm) Inner Belt Rad (mm) Nominal C/L Rad (mm) (A) = Subtended Angles (degrees) Model Designation
30° 45° 60° 90° 180°
1915 1030 885 1400 X X X TS-TR150/1915/1030/(A)SP
1985 1030 955 1470 X X X X TS-TR150/1985/1030/(A)SP
2065 1030 1035 1550 X X X X TS-TR150/2065/1030/(A)SP
2185 1230 955 1570 X TS-TR150/2185/1230/(A)SP
2265 1230 1035 1650 X TS-TR150/2265/1230/(A)SP

N.B. The change in elevation and the direction of rise or fall of a spiral bend must also be specified.

Standard TS-TR150 Technical Specifications

  • Max Load Capacity = 100Kg/m measured along C/L
  • Max Speed (measured on C/L) = 2.5 M/s
  • Running Noise level: Dba @ 1m = 65 Dba or less
  • Ambient operating temperature range: -15°C to + 55°C
  • Minimum pulley bearing L10 life = 50,000
  • Tapered End Pulley Major Diameter = 150mm
  • Overall frame depth = 320mm
  • Top of Belt to underside frame = 270mm
  • Max overhang of end of frame to pulley = 25mm
  • Slider bed = 3mm sheet steel
  • Standard motor position: outside radius at discharge end
  • Belt change time: under 20 minutes
  • Under-guarding fitted as standard

TS-TR150 Spiral Technical Specifications

  • Change in elevation = 150mm to max 500mm in 90°
  • Max Load Capacity = 110Kg/m measured along C/L
  • Grip-face belts fitted on spiral curves as standard
  • Braked geared motor units fitted on spiral units as standard

Applicable Standards: BS EN619 : 2002

The Machinery Directive 2009/127/EC


TS-TR150 Design Features:

Friction Drive for Maximum Operating Life / Minimum Maintenance and Noise: All Gramac Quartz Belt Curves use the ‘Friction Drive’ method whereby friction between the belt and a drive pulley provides the motive force for the belt. This method has three clear advantages over the positive mechanical drive method. They are:

  • The tensile stresses in the belt are more evenly distributed across the width of the belt thus extending the life of the belt and avoiding stress concentrations causing tears
  • Noise levels are kept to a minimum because of the absence moving metal parts such as chains and transmission belts/chains. The maximum running noise level for any Gramac
  • Quartz Belt is 65 dbA at 1000mm, i.e. they are very quiet items of equipment
  • Maintenance routines are minimal and no lubrication is required throughout the operating life of the bend unlike with positive mechanical drives where chains have to be regularly lubricated.
TS-TR150 Design Features

Minimal and Easy Maintenance:

Gramac Quartz Belt Curves are designed to minimise and simplify maintenance operations without the use of any special tools. The heaviest item on a belt curves is normally the geared motor unit which can weigh up to 35Kg depending on size. Belt and pulley replacement is usually carried out from the inside radius of the bend but can be done from the top if there is insufficient space. All periodic inspection and maintenance routines are explained in detail in the O & M manual issued with every belt curves.

Newly introduced design features of the TS-TR150 Belt Curves are:

TS-TR150 Minimal and Easy Maintenance

Tapered End Pulleys:

  • Split top section which reduces the manual handling risk and the time consumed replacing the belt. Less physical exertion is required to open the frame so that one person can change a belt.
  • Quick release under guards
  • Optional incorporation of 150mm wide viewing window to allow condition of belt guide bearing to be observed

In summary Gramac Quartz friction drive Belt Curves offer highly reliable low cost of ownership over time.

Robust Construction:

The Gramac Quartz Belt ’s robust design consists of a rigid frame fabricated from steel section and plate rolled and formed to give the desired angle and radius. A stiffened 3mm thick steel slider bed is mounted within the frame to support the belt.

TS-TR150 Tapered End Pulleys

Tapered End Pulleys:

Supported at each end of the curved frame by ‘life greased’ ball bearing units fixed to it are tapered conical pulleys manufactured in high density polypropylene on a steel shaft. These two pulleys can be adjusted in the horizontal plane by tensioning devices to provide the correct amount of tension in the belt. Each pulley is removable independently from the side of the belt curves.

Maximum Power Transmission:

The drive pulley is lagged with a non-slip, highly wear resilient and heat resistant material which positively grips the underside of the belt. The taper of the pulley allows it to engage with the belt across its full width thus ensuring maximum power transmission from a suitably sized geared motor unit fitted to the shaft of the drive pulley.

Positive Belt Tracking:

To keep the belt running on the correct line Gramac Quartz Belt Curves use a method of positive tracking. The belts are supplied with roller bearings fitted to the reinforced outer edge of the belt which then run on guide rails built into the outer perimeter of the steel frame.

Drive Type:

Shaft mounted motor gearboxes from multiple suppliers can be accommodated. Gramac Quartz standard supply is from the SEW Eurodrive range (IP54, IE2 compliant). Other types of drive unit can be readily fitted including the latest high efficiency units, e.g. SEW Movigear and Siemens Simogear.

Drive Position:

The preferred position for the drive unit is horizontally mounted on the outer radius at the discharge end of the belt curves. On some larger radius curves it is possible to vertically mount the geared motor on the inner radius.

Travel Direction & Speed:

Travel direction of the belt can be clockwise or anticlockwise at speeds of up to 150M/min as measured at the centre line. Variable speed drives can be supplied on request.

Belt Type:

All airport belt curves are fitted with endless belts with only the minimum number of vulcanised spliced joints. The belt fabric used is two ply non mono polyester backed, black PVC top (smooth or grip-face surface as required), low friction, low noise, flame retardant to ISO 340.


Removable sheet steel sidewalls can be fabricated to a max height of 450mm above the top of belt and a distance between of 1000mm, 1020mm or 1025mm. They can be supplied with brackets and slots for mounting photo sensors (PEC’s) etc. for controlling material flow. Sidewalls can have a powder coated finish in a selected colour or a BZP finish.


Can be ‘H’ type floor supports made from RHS, outriggers for low level positions, side mounted brackets for suspending from above using threaded rods or special supports can be designed to suit specific situations. Floor supports can be fitted with either anti-vibration footpads with +/- 50mm adjustment or with locking wheels/castors if required to be mobile.

Finish & Colour:

Belt curves can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour.

Fully Guarded:

All Belt Curves are supplied with safety guards fitted to eliminate trap points and prevent inadvertent access to moving parts such as the pulley ends and roller guide bearings. These guards are designed to be lightweight for easy removal for maintenance. Removable sheet steel underside guarding is provided as standard.

TS-TR150 Fully Guarded
TS-TR150 Finish & Colour
TS-TR150 Supports