Conveyor Spare Parts

Amber Industries Ltd specialises in the manufacture of bi-planar chains & conveyor spare parts. Spare parts for most overhead conveyors are available, from standard conveyor chain components to drive units to pendant attachments. Special radii track bends in various finishes and material specifications can be accommodated. We also stock an array of parts for belt conveyors and roller lineshaft conveyors.

Our conveyor parts are manufactured to a high standard, in-house. Most standard conveyor components can be despatched from our comprehensive parts store, on the same day as order placement.

The product range includes:-

  • Bi-planer conveyor chain and attachments
  • Overhead conveyor chain
  • Overhead conveyor bearings
  • Drop forged chain
  • Floor conveyor chain
  • Floor conveyor rollers
  • Trolleys
  • Dedicated after sales and spares service

Amber Industries Conveyor Brands

We own the following trademarks and company products and can service spare parts for the majority of conveyor systems.

  • Hytrac 25K and 50K
  • DP&R Mini 50,E8 and F8
  • Torvale Fisher, Flowlink and Flowminor
  • Sovex Marshall Series 200
  • North East Conveyors
  • South Lancs Conveyors
  • PEER Conveyors


Conveyor Part Photos
Conveyor Spare Parts Conveyor Spare Parts