Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8mcmautotrack 'Power & Free' overhead conveyors are designed with the flexibility to allow products to be directed along different routes within the same system depending upon the particular process or sequence of processes to be applied. The two coextensive tracks (chain & trolley) of the autotrack enable the formation of buffer storage and accumulation zones, automatic route selection and speed changes to suit processes. The mcmautotrack range of power & free overhead chain conveyor systems are suitable for handling light, medium and heavy products in many different formats. The quality of their design and manufacture and their durability has been proven numerous times in many demanding industrial applications. Their reliability over many years of continuous operation is unsurpassed making them a valuable long term asset in our client’s production facilities. mcmautotrack flexibility The mcmautotrack range of power & free conveyors (AT50, AT100, AT500M and AT600) are specifically designed with the flexibility to allow product loads to be directed along different routes within an overall conveyor system. This means each specific product type can be identified (electronically or with mechanical flags) and automatically routed to specific destinations, e.g. process plant lines, assembly lines, storage zones, inspection and unload stations etc., in any desired sequence. mcmautotrack control systems are crucial to the efficient functioning of the power & free conveyor. Made up of input and output devices regulated by software installed on latest generation PLCs and HMIs. Achieving a high degree of automation and process control whilst providing features such as product tracking, operator menus, system diagnostics, maintenance alarms and remote monitoring, if required. The modern PLC based control systems allow greater integration with larger automated process plants if required. mcmautotrack Power&free