Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8The mcmconveyorsdivision of Amber Industries Ltd developed and manufactures its own comprehensive and high quality range of light, medium and heavy duty overhead conveyor systems. The modular design of these systems, combined with a range of standard accessories such as a selection of different radii horizontal and vertical curves, spinners, indexers, automatic load - unload units etc., enables them to be easily configured to suit the most complex routing and layout requirements of any manufacturing and assembly processes. Installation is quick and easy and the modular design also allows later extensions and system rearrangements to be undertaken. A range of monorail overhead conveyors suitable for handling a wide variety of products from diverse industry sectors. They come in two types: 'enclosed chain' for light (up to 30Kg) loads to medium (up to 100Kg) loads where the powered chain runs in a pressed steel enclosed track section and ‘open chain’ for heavier (up to 500Kg) loads where the chain is slung under a rolled steel I-section using trolleys. All enclosed chain overhead conveyors comprise a bi-planar chain powered by a drive unit and running in all enclosed track , the cross section of which can be either rectangular or a cruciform depending on the carrying capacity of the conveyor. Attached to the chain at regular intervals are pendants which protrude from a central slot in the underside of the track section and from which the product can be suspended. powertrack30/60/100conveyor systems have carrying capacities of 30Kg to 100Kg per pendant respectively. The minimum pendant pitch varies for the different conveyors in the range. Increased product loadings can be accommodated by the use of a loadbar connecting two pendants to share the product load between them. The open chain powertrack90/200/500 utilise a heavy-duty I-beam track section from which a drop forged chain is under slung by means of trolleys with their wheels running on the track section’s lower flange. The product load is also carried by these trolleys. Open chain Powertrack conveyor systems have carrying capacities per 2 wheel trolley of 90Kg, 200Kg and 545Kg respectively. Increased product loads in excess of 4000Kg can be accommodated with the use of load-bars to spread the load between several trolleys. These conveyor systems are also suitable for high temperature environments up to 250 degree Centigrade. mcmpowertrack enclosed&openchain