Overhead Conveyor Systems

The principle of overhead chain conveyors is that they utilise a continuous powered chain running in a track. Fitted to the chain at regular intervals are single pendants from which the products to be carried are suspended either directly or by means of load-bars or purpose made carriers.

Overhead Conveyors

Automated Floor Conveyor Systems

Amber Automation has a range of floor conveyors which can be used to transport and accumulate cartons, totes and other unit loads. These conveyors are used to transport and hold product for release to other work stations or into a sortation conveyor system. Floor conveyors are available in either...

Floor Conveyors

Belt Bends

Amber Automation can supply both standard and non-standard belt conveyors. The standard range of Amber Automation belt conveyors include horizontal, incline, decline and flighted types to suit most applications handling most types of product for light or heavy duty applications...

Belt Bends

Conveyor Modules

Amber Conveyors is the division of Amber Industries Ltd that manufactures and supplies an extensive range of individual conveyor units or modules. From its factory in Oldham, Greater Manchester it supplies Gravity and Lineshaft conveyor modules...

Conveyor Modules

Services & Spares

With its own team of skilled installation and service engineers, supplemented by a nationwide network of professional site services contractors, Amber Industries Limited.Maintenance & Services offers the full complement of support services needed to ensure minimum downtime and the maximum...

Services & Spares

Welcome To Amber Industries Limited

Conveyors are Amber Industries business. We know conveyors and have designed and manufactured conveyors and conveyor systems for numerous varied applications. We have the products and the organisational capability to provide conveyors and material handling solutions from simple belt conveyors and roller conveyors through to complex integrated conveyor systems including: overhead conveyors, power & free conveyors, inverted chain conveyors, floor conveyors, tote and unit load conveyors, line-shaft conveyors, ZLP conveyors, accumulation conveyors, pallet handling conveyors, incline belt conveyors and curved and spiral conveyors. All our conveyors are manufactured in the UK to rigorous quality standards and are designed with the customers individual requirements in mind using the latest 3D CAD software packages. Conveyor control systems’ architecture and software is done by our in house conveyor control systems engineers and programmers. Installation and commissioning of our conveyors can be undertaken by our highly trained team of site technicians.

  • Jul 19 2016

    MCM Overhead Conveyor Systems for Abattoirs

    In the first half of this year MCM Conveyor Systems has experienced a high demand from the abattoir and meat processing industry for its overhead chain conveyor systems. MCM Conveyor Systems, a division of Amber Industries ltd, has a long track record and established reputation for manufacturing and supplying very reliable yet low maintenance overhead conveyor systems to abattoirs, either directly or via the abattoir equipment trade.

  • Jun 20 2016

    Sandvik Paint Plant Conveyor System

    With the planned expansion of the current manufacturing facility at Ballygawley, Sandvik recognised that there was a requirement for a new finishing plant that would include shot blast booths, paint booths, ovens and an automated conveyor system in order to streamline this part of the production process and cope with the constant increasing demand of machines.

    Sandvik Paint Plant Conveyors

Overhead Conveyor Systems

'MCM's overhead conveyor systems have for over 40 years been used to improve the operational capacity and efficiency of many and varied types of industrial and manufacturing facilities. By the nature of their design and construction overhead conveyor systems enable the optimisation of available factory floor space. MCM’s wide range of overhead conveyor systems are used for many materials handling operations including; assembly lines, storage facilities, component distribution, waste removal, and surface finishing processes, e.g. shot-blasting, cleaning and de-greasing, painting, powder coating, plating and high temperature baking etc.

Our overhead conveyor systems are frequently found working in such industries as: automotive manufacturers, automotive component suppliers, commercial vehicles, construction and municipal plant, agricultural equipment, white and brown goods, abattoirs and meat processing plant and sometimes in more unusual settings like museum displays, exhibition displays and shop windows. Overhead conveyor systems area a highly versatile method of moving products and materials and their modular construction means they can readily be configured to a large variety of applications.

Some Of Our Conveyor System Clients

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